Within our research on the CsgG channel, Ionera's MECA Technology combined with the Orbit 16 has boosted the scientific output. The outstanding research tool is easy to handle and speeds up the parallel generation of 16 bilayers. By increasing the through-put of single-channel recordings, it is a breakthrough in the electrical analysis of pore forming proteins.

Dr. Stefan Howorka, UCL, London, UK

The parallel Nanion Orbit 16 setup was crucial for the success of our project, as it allowed us to increase throughput and more quickly screen for optimal conditions for the incorporation of our synthetic DNA channels into lipid bilayer membranes. The small cavity volume of the MECA chips used on the Orbit 16 also helped us to directly prove the translocation of molecules through the channels (from cis to trans side of the membrane), as we could easily demonstrate the accumulation of molecules in the small trans compartment.

TUM Prof. Dr. Friedrich C. Simmel, TUM, Munich, Germany